El Gallo Eyes Comeback

Much can be said of the moments leading up to, the moment of, and the moments after the first defeat of Danny “El Gallo” Gonzalez’s young career… however they all lie in the past and we must all move forward. If anything can be said it is that a lesson can be had and the fire that burns deep down in this young fighter continues to grow stronger than it ever did before. We greatly appreciate all of the support from the fans and boxing community, El Gallo will have his day of redemption and it doesn’t stop here; a comeback is coming soon!


“The semi-final saw a shocking result as previously undefeated Queens, NY native Daniel Gonzalez suffered his first defeat as a pro at the hands of Framingham, MA native, Danny O’Connor in a bout scheduled for 10 rounds with the vacant WBC Interntional Silver Super Lightweight title at stake.

The fight was a barn burner from the opening bell as both fighters traded freely much to the delight of the crowd.  O’Connor had the edge in the 1st round but Gonzalez opened a nasty cut over O’Connor’s left eye in round 2 as both fighters continued the torrid pace.  Round 3 saw Gonzalez picking up where he left off in round 2 until a perfectly placed left hand by O’Connor found its mark on Gonzalez dropping the Queens native who gamely arose but was in no shape to continue forcing referee Steve Willis to call a halt to the action at 0:39 seconds of the 3rd round.  O’Connor ups his record to 29-3 11KO’S and in the process wins the WBC International Silver Super Lightweight title while Gonzalez drops to 14-1-1 5KO’s.”- Boxingscene.com

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